Sources of Ancient Healing Thermalism

Caelius Aurelianus Chronicae passiones 5.2.40

Way of Transmission
5th century CE
Literary Genre
Canonical Reference
Cael. Aur. chron. 5.2.40
Thermal Terms
aquae naturales

40item usus adhibendus aquarum naturalium calidarum, tum frigidarum, ut sunt in Italia quae appellatae sunt Albulae uel Cotiliae.

40Also prescribe the use of natural springs, both hot and cold, e.g., the Albulan or Cutilian springs in Italy.


Tratamientos para la podagra. Recomienda los balnearios y menciona a algunos concretos.

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Pliny the Elder indicates the importance of mineral and thermal springs were for humans, and how in some occassions, these springs caused the creation of some urbes because the value of these waters for health. In this case, he includes the examples of some of those cities: Puteolos (Puteoli, Italy), (Aquae) Statiellas (Acqui Terme, Italy) and (Aquae) Sextias (Aix-en-Provence, in France)

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Celsus 2.17.1

Formas de provocar el sudor en un enfermo que lo necesite: el calor seco y el baño en aguas calientes termales, como en Bayas.

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