Sources of Ancient Healing Thermalism

Caelius Aurelianus Chronicae passiones 3.1.10

Way of Transmission
5th century CE
Literary Genre
Canonical Reference
Cael. Aur. chron. 3.1.10

10tum etiam cucurbitae recorporatiuae adhibendae thoraci atque interscapulo, dehinc dropax, paroptesis, heliosis, sinapismus, acopa, recorporatiua malagmata, ut est diadaphnidon, dialoe⟨s⟩ uel diaeuphorbiu, dehinc nauigatio atque peregrinatio terrena et potio theriacae antidoti et aquarum naturalium usus, quarum praestant in Italia Cotiliae appellatae siue Albae uel Nepesinae, tum etiam cataclysmus, hoc est aquarum illisio superne, iisdem locis, qui patiuntur. utilis denique maritima et plurima mare tenus conversation atque consuetudo frigidi lavacri, quam psychrolusian appellant.

10In addition, apply metasyncritic cupping to the chest and between the shoulder blades; and prescribe pitch plasters, applications of intense heat, sun-bathing, mustard plasters, restorative ointments, and such metasyncritic emol­lient plasters as the so-called plasters of bayberries, aloes, or spurge. The following prescriptions are also beneficial: a trip by land or water; the drinking of the theriac antidote; the use of natural waters, of which the best in Italy are the Cutilian, Al­ban, and Nepesine springs; and the shower bath, i.e., the play­ing of a stream of water from above upon the affected parts. Finally, frequent sea trips and sojourning at the seashore, as well as the habit of taking cold baths (Greek psychrolusia), will prove beneficial.


Tratamientos para el asma, entre los que se incluye el agua con propiedades medicinales. Menciona balnearios que son buenos para esta dolencia.

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