Sources of Ancient Healing Thermalism

Caelius Aurelianus Chronicae passiones 3.8.112

Way of Transmission
5th century CE
Literary Genre
Canonical Reference
Cael. Aur. chron. 3.8.112
Thermal Terms
exhalatio naturalis

112adhibenda etiam acopa feruentia, et sudationes ex naturali materia prouocare. habet enim recorporandi uirtutem ex quacumque metallorum materia exhalatio naturalis. item ex harena litoris sole ignita torrenda corpora.

112Also employ hot restorative ointments. And induce sweating by means of natural substances; for the vapors that arise naturally from any mineral substance have a metasyn- critic property.


Tratamientos para la hidropesía. Como siempre, entre otras cosas que sirvan para calentar el cuerpo, recomienda los vapores calientes que salen de la tierra.

Related Sources

Related Sources

Plinius Naturalis historia 31.4

Pliny the Elder indicates the importance of mineral and thermal springs were for humans, and how in some occassions, these springs caused the creation of some urbes because the value of these waters for health. In this case, he includes the examples of some of those cities: Puteolos (Puteoli, Italy), (Aquae) Statiellas (Acqui Terme, Italy) and (Aquae) Sextias (Aix-en-Provence, in France)

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