The proceedings of the “II Symposium: Aquae Flaviae, cidade termal” have been published

A new book with the Coloquium proceedings of the II Symposium “Aquae Flaviae. Cidade Termal” has been published (unfortunatly, it is not yet online).

In this book, some articles about the studied made about the thermal city of Aquae Flaviae (Chaves, Portugal) has been included.  There, you can find the contribution of: R. Gomes Lopes and S. Carnéiro, about ‘the Terra sigillata hispanica from the Thermal bath of Chaves’; F. Costa Vaz, S. Carneiro, M. Martín-Seijo & J.P. Tereso about ‘Archaeobotanic materials preserved in water from Aquae Flaviae hot springs: Construction woods, objects, fruits and seeds’; M.L.V. De Carvalho, ‘The surprise under the vault’, about the Human bones discovered under the fallen vault of the Roman thermal spa; M. Fortes, about “Water management in Aquae Flaviae”; J.M. G. Ribeiro, about the Roman urbanism of this city; and C. Figueirido, about ‘the Scientific illustration in the communication and dissemination of Science. The case of the Roman thermal spa of Chaves”; and finally, P.M. Sobral de Carvalho and M.F. Beja e Costa, about “communication and dissemination tools for the Roman spa of Chaves” (all the articles are written in portuguese).

Some of the objects published and the Roman spa discovered can be visited in the recently opened Archaeological Roman thermal Complex ‘Aquae Flaviae .



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