A new Thermal Sanctuary has been discovered in San Casciano dei Bagni !!!

These days, some news have been published about the incredible Etruscan and Roman thermal Sanctuary of San Casciano dei Bagno (Toscany, Italy).

The archaeological studies started in this small and beatiful Italian town some years ago, but the first structures were discovered in 2020 in the area of the best-known thermal spring and open thermal pools (the Bagno Grande). Also, some very interesting Roman votive offering and a large quantity of coins has been recovered very well preserved.

This project has been coordinated by the archaeologists Emanuele Marotti and Jacopo Tabolli (prof. at the Università per Stranieri di Siena). They have already published recently a very interesting book: Il Santuario Ritrovato. Nuovi scavi e ricerche al Bagno Grande di San Casciano dei Bagni, but fortunatly the archaeological research of this site will go on during the next years.

You can read further news about these discoveries in several online news (1, 2) and facebook.



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