Call for papers for the next 3rd International workshop on Ancient thermalism: “Thermal spas and territory: the role of the mineral-medicinal waters in the Roman provinces” (2023) will be anounced soon !

Roman healing spa of Lugo. Images by SIT-LaboraTe and S. González Soutelo. From the book Crecente and González Soutelo (eds.) 2016: 2000 años del balneario de Lugo. Lugo.

After, the 1st International workshop Roman Baths and Thermo-mineral Baths in Urban and (Micro) Regional Perspectives (Kiel 2021); and the 2nd International Workshop Roman Baths and Thermo-mineral Baths: an update on the present state of research (Bern, 2022), we are pleased to inform you that we are already working on the organization of the 3rd International Thermal workshop that will take place in Madrid (Spain) in March 2023.

For this 3rd workshop, we propose to put the focus on questions about thermal spas and territory, including different subjects:

  1. Healing spas adapted to topographical and geological local conditions. Constructive solutions to different issues.
  2. Architectonical and functional characteristics of thermal spas: the use of local and foreign materials and technical knowledge.
  3. The role of bathing establishments in the different territories.
  4. Healing spas and ancient roads. Pilgrims and visitors on thermal sites.


As in the previous meetings, the idea is to reinforce a network for the exchange of experiences and ideas related to the study of Ancient spas, focused on the Roman bath establishments with mineral-medicinal waters. The goal will be to create a forum of discussion about Roman Thermalism, adopting a mixed format onsite and online.

The best proposals will be suggested to be published in a high-level scientific publication with peer review.

Further information will be sent soon!

See you in Madrid next year? 😉


(by Silvia González Soutelo:


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