Discovering Roman healing spas: Aquae Caeretanae

Aquae Caeretanae, Casale dei Bagni, Italia. 2022

During last months, the UAM team of the European rurAllure project had the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting Roman thermal sites in the Roman province of Etruria. Among others, I would like to highlight the extraordinary site of Aquae Caeretanae (Sasso di Furbara, Cerveteri, Italy).

This Roman Thermal spa is an incredible archaeological site, with two big pools well preserved and some hydraulic infrastructures that can be studied in situ. Unfortunately, after the archaeological excavations in the 90’s it was partially abandoned, but thanks to the effort and illusion of the “Gruppo Archeologico del Territorio Cerite” (GATC) nowadays is possible to visit and enjoy with the GATC members this interesting site.

Congratulations to all the people that can understand and feel our Cultural Heritage and enjoy so much protecting and showing it!!!

Thanks GATC team! (Specially to Francesca Lezzi and Roberto della Ceca).


(By Silvia González Soutelo)



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