REMEMBER: the Intenational Conference of the Frontinus-Society has changed its dates!!! Budapest, 8-15th September 2022 !!!


As a consecuence of the COVID Pandemic Situation, the new International Conference of The Frontinus-Society on the History of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering, will take place, if the health situation allows it, this year (2022) from the 8th to 12th September 2022 in Budapest (Hungary).

Registrations are possible until 28.02.2022!

With the title “Bathing Culture in Budapest”, the Frontinus Conference will be held as a series of lectures and excursions on the history of water management and hydraulic engineering. Its aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion about water in antiquity. The participation of archaeologists, historians, hydraulic engineers, civil engineers, town planners and geologists ensures an information exchange about the latest findings and theories. T

he emphasis will be on bathing culture (including Thermalism) from antiquity to nowadays. Budapest has the largest mineral and thermal water springs in Europe. More than 30,000 cubic metres of mineral-rich water from over 120 hot springs are available daily in 21 baths, 10 of which are medicinal baths. Many of these baths are also buildings of considerable historical and architectural importance. The history of the use of thermal water in baths dates back to Roman time.

The conference of the Frontinus Society will be attending lectures and excursions on this cultural and technical important facilities.  

See you in September!!!!


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