New Archaeological Project on the Roman Healing Spa of São Vicente (Penafiel, Portugal)

View of the site of São Vicente Healing Spa
View of the site of São Vicente Healing Spa

Approved the Archaeological Project “Roman Healing Spa of São Vicente (Penafiel, Portugal): Review of the Built Structures and Their Interpretation in the Context of Roman Thermal Spas” (BAL-SAOVICENTE)

In the context of the project “Healing spas in antiquity: analysis of Roman Thermalism from an architectonic and functional point of view” (MIAS / UAM), the need to carry out a new archaeological approach to the São Vicente site has arisen, which will allow gathering evidence to achieve the interpretation of the building’s construction phases, as well as the analysis of rooms that present serious comprehension problems.

To this aim, the (BAL-SAOVICENTE) PIPA (pluri-annual archaeological research Project), coordinated by S. González Soutelo in collaboration with the Peñafiel Museum, has recently been approved. Throughout the year 2021 a new archaeological intervention on this site will take place 120 years later its discovery.


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