New archaeological digs, new thermal projects

Thermal spa in São Vicente, Penafiel (Portugal). Ancient picture: in Ilustração Portugueza, 1901. Modern picture: S. González Soutelo

Have you been working in a Roman thermal site this summer? Let us to know about it sending us your information!

Recently, a team of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / MIAS, in collaboration with the Penafiel Museum, has started an Interannual Archaeological Research Project (PIPA) entitled BAL-SAOVICENTE:  Balneário romano de São Vicente (Penafiel): revisão das estruturas construídas e sua interpretação no contexto do termalismo romano (2020-2023).

During the last months, from July to August, new archaeological studies were done in this small healing spa, looking for a new interpretation of the building discovered in 1901.

This year (2021) the project was mainly focused on the study of a room designed by J. Fortes as “I”. This room, connected to a praefurnium, has an interesting configuration that needed to be deeply studied. This archaeological intervention has made possible to document the organization of this room, as well as to propose new interpretative solutions based on a detailed architectural study.

In these months we will go on working and analyzing the archaeological records obtained. We will show the goals soon. Stay tuned!

By Silvia González Soutelo


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