Good news! The next “thermal meeting” will take place in Vichy!

Vichy, Mont-Dore, Royat. Photos: Elise Nectoux and Silvia González Soutelo

We are pleased to announce that the “tradition” of International Conferences on the ancient thermal spas will be renewed in 2025 !

Although different interesting proposals have been presented to host the next congress on thermalism, finally, given the availability of funds and broad support for its management, the next conference will take place in Vichy (France) in 2025; and most probably, in the thermal area of Bansko-Strumica (North Macedonian) in 2027. So, thanks to these research groups for your interesting proposals and for giving “future” to this “thermal project”.

Thus, after the online meeting in Kiel (Germany) in 2021, the online conference in Berna (Switzerland)  in 2022, and the conference in Madrid (Spain) in 2023, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Clermont-Ferrand (UAR 3550), a joint unit of the University of Clermont Auvergne and the CNRS, in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid, the laboratory ArAr – Archaeology and Archaeometry (UMR 5138, Lyon) and the Regional Service of Archaeology – DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, have proposed to meet us again in the Auvergne region (France), for the next 4th International Congress of Ancient Thermalism.

Vichy, “the Queen of the thermal cities”, has been recently elected to represent the thermal heritage at UNESCO (Great Spas of Europe), which has given a new stimulus to thermalism in the city. The Auvergne, and more broadly the Massif Central, is also a territory with an important hydrothermal potential, including mineral springs of very variable temperature and salinity. And, of course, these thermal springs have been widely used for their curative properties in various ways throughout antiquity.

In accordance with the importance of Roman evidence of thermalism in this region and the large tradition on these waters, nowadays, fortunately, there are some active research dynamics on this subject, with several teams working in emblematic thermal sites in the Massif Central.

As in Madrid, this meeting will provide another great opportunity to explore from different points of view the specific architecture of Roman spas, the role of thermalism in the territory since Antiquity, the adaptation to topographical and geological conditions, and mobility, tradition and pilgrimage to the baths in Antiquity from different points of view. But it will be also a great opportunity to exchange new experiences, knowledge and challenges in the study of Roman spas.

Moreover, we will have the opportunity to discuss about the final materialisation of the thermal network, and about new developments and different proposals to make it a reality!

So, start preparing your proposals for this new meeting!

We look forward to meeting you at this 4º Congress that will be held probably in June 2025. We will send you some new information in the next weeks!

Let’s go ahead !!!!!!!!!


By: Lise Augustine, Elise Nectoux and Silvia González Soutelo


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