Days to talk about the Bathing culture in Budapest (Hungary), 8-15th september 2022

Opening of the conference. Budapest 8th September 2022

The Conference of the Frontinus Society on the History of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering that took place in the Museum of the Buda Hill Castle in Budapest (Hungary) from 8-15th September 2022, ended yesterday. It gave participants the opportunity to show some news studies and archaeological excavations, mainly focused on Bathing Culture in Ancien and Medieval period (see previous program here).

During this Conference, the Prof. Dr. Ch. Bruun, was awarded the Fontinus Medal of the Frontinus Society for his outstanding studies and publications on Ancient water law and engineering, which are an unavoidable reference in these subjects and other linked fields.

Of course, participants could also enjoy the landscape and some of the wonderful and different spas in this ‘Thermal city’, but also visit the Aquincum archaeological site and museum there, including explanations of the staff and the researchers of the Museum.

It was a nice opportunity to meet colleagues and friends in person again, interchange experiences and enrich discussions about Ancient baths and thermalism.

Thank to the organisation for those very interesting scientific and productive days!!!


By Silvia González Soutelo



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