A new project on ancient thermalism will start this September: THERMASCAPE

The national project entitled: “THERMASCAPE:  The thermal landscape in Hispania. The role of thermal spas in the Iberian Peninsula since Roman Age”, coordinated by Dr. Silvia González Soutelo, starts this September 2023.

With a duration of 4 years, this project aims to go one step further in the study of Ancient thermalism attending not only for the content but also to the territory, incorporating new disciplines, new methodologies and alternative sources of information to allow the creation of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary proposal on this culture of healing waters.

We start from the hypothesis that mineral-medicinal waters were a natural resource of great importance at least since Roman times. But what was the role played by healing spas in the territory? How has that reality survived to the present? What was its influence in relation to the closest settlements and the territorial organization?

Based on the archaeological, geohistorical, territorial, topographic and hydrogeological analysis of various peninsular thermal sites, we will seek to give a new vision of this heritage and its uses, promoting the generation of knowledge and its transfer to society, collaborating in the social right to know, value, enjoy and protect the heritage legacy (in this case, thermal heritage) of the different territories.

The multidisciplinary team is formed by some experts in different aspects like medicine, geohydrology, geography, GIS, architecture, history, and archaeology, from diverse institutions and countries,  to explore the role of healing spas in each region.

We are already preparing some actions and applications to disseminate the results of this project, that we hope they will be of your interest.

Some news about this project will be provided soon.

Let’s go!



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