New book about the Roman thermal spa of Baden (Switzerland)!

Andrea Schaer (2024). Ubi aqua – ibi bene – Die Bäder von Baden im Aargau im Licht der archäologischen Untersuchungen 2009–2022. Baden.

Volume 1: Grundlagen, Forschungs- und Überlieferungsgeschichte von den Anfängen bis 2022

Andrea Schaer (2024). (Ubi aqua – ibi bene.  The baths of Baden in Aargau in the light of archaeological investigations 2009-2022

Volume 1: Fundamentals, history of research and transmission from the beginnings to 2022)


Between 2009 and 2022, extensive archaeological excavations took place in the thermal baths of Baden (Canton Aargau, Switzerland). The first volume of the publication of the most important excavations is now available. It presents the Baden baths in their geographical, geological, archaeological and historical context and is dedicated to the history of tradition and research from the beginnings to the present day. The history of archaeological research is seen as an intrinsic part of the history of Baden’s baths. This Volume 1 provides the basis for the diachronic presentation of the excavation results which will be published in Volume 2 in 2025.

The publication is in German. Nevertheless, it contains longer summaries in French, Italian and English.

It is published in open access and can be downloaded here.

Hardcover copies can be ordered from Librum Publishers Basel/Frankfurt.


Congratulations Andrea!!!! Looking forward to reading it!


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