The year 2023 has been an excellent year for the Ancient thermalism.

For the first time, we have been able to meet after many years, in person, most of the researchers working on ancient thermalism in many countries. The congress in Madrid allowed us to celebrate some incredible days of exchange of experiences, knowledge, concerns,… and all this in a relaxed atmosphere in the context of the wonderful world of thermal waters. We arrived as colleagues and we left as friends, as a clear demonstration of our interest in creating a network where we all collaborate to give back to Ancient thermalism its role in history.
In the next year 2024 we hope that the publication of that meeting will come out, and that more congresses and meetings can be held to continue working together.
Maybe next year it will be too early to repeat this”tradition” of International Conferences about the ancient thermal world, but let’s hope that in 2025 it can become a reality.

Where? There are already some sites that have shown their interest in hosting this meeting… but we are open to all your proposals so that what has been achieved in these years can continue to be a reality for many years to come.
Let’s hope that the new year will be full of new meetings, happiness, health, interesting projects, and the materialisation of the work of all these years, with good and productive surprises.

To all the “thermalist” we wish you a very happy holiday season,
and we hope that the year 2024 be an excellent year, in which peace and health will return to all of us.

Merry Christmasssssss !!!!!



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