Doctoral Thesis on medieval thermalism work ‘De balneis’ by Michele Savonarola defended at the University of Valladolid (Spain)

Saturnia, Grosseto. By S. Pasalodos

The dissertation includes a critical edition and translation into Spanish of the XV century treaty on Italian hot springs and a study of Middle Ages and Renaissance balneotherapy

Around 1449 Michele Savonarola, professor at the University of Ferrara and court doctor of Marquis Leonello de Este, writes De balneis et termis Ytalię, the most complete treaty on hydrotherapy known to date. It analyses the different types of baths and the main Italian thermal springs.
The dissertation defended by Sergio Pasalodos brings the first modern edition and the first modern translation of this work. This text allows the reader to go in depth in the study of medieval healing spas, but also in areas such as archaeology, medicine, mineralogy, everyday life, paremiology and North Italian Renaissance politics.

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