A new article about the project: “Healing spas in Antiquity” has been published ;)

Like it was announced in the 3rd International Congress on Ancient Thermalism in Madrid (9-10 March 2023), a new article about our proposal of web/database on Ancient thermalism has been published!

In collaboration with Sandra Romano Martín, professor of Classical Philology at UAM (who has prepared this website and the database online), we have published an article about our proposal of a necessary database, online, easily accessible and constantly updated, in Ancient text (texts and epigraphy) related to Ancient thermalism.

As it is said in the abstract, “this article presents a new interdisciplinary project for compiling a digital collection of Greek and Latin sources dealing with ancient mineral-medicinal thermalism. The project will bring together different types of historical and textual sources into a single publication, and also gather, analyse and expand on previous bibliographic attempts on this subject from a philological, historical, archaeological, and epigraphic perspective.

The collection will provide direct access to original sources for the study of ancient thermalism including translations into English and Spanish with a critical, innovative, and updated vision. This new tool will be accessible online for everyone interested in this topic, and aims for both continuity and permanence, while always being endorsed by scientific and specialised criteria, and under constant review”.

f you are interested to know more about it, see here. (English version)

We hope you will find it interesting! All your suggestions and comments will be welcome 😉


By Silvia González Soutelo


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