Healing Spas in Antiquity

An Archaeologic Approach to Roman Thermalism


UAM/MIAS Project Healing spas in Antiquity: analysis of Roman thermalism from an architectonical and functional point of view

Project dedicated to the archaeological analysis of bathing buildings with mineral-medicinal waters in the Roman Empire, aiming to improve knowledge of the origin of modern thermal spas.

Through this site we want to disseminate the results of the research we are conducting on healing spas in ancient times.

In addition to the publications and news related to our project, we want to provide a meeting place for researchers on this subject, including various useful tools available online: a glossary of thermal terms in Greek and Latin / Spanish and English; a map of the healing spas; small reviews about these buildings; bibliography, etc.

Likewise, we would like this website to also serve as a platform for communication and exchanges of experience between researchers and specialists on Ancient thermalism, making a platform available for the exchange of experiences (thermal network), which we hope will be the seed for future actions in European COST or ERASMUS+ actions.

El termalismo desde la perspectiva territorial

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Everything about the Archaeology of Roman Healing Spas (RHS) — events, archaeological excavations, projects, and activities related to the study of Ancient thermalism

A research website about Archaeology of Ancient Roman Thermalism — and a meeting point for researchers and other people interested in this subject (Thermal Network).


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