Sources of Ancient Healing Thermalism

Tratamientos para la elephantiasis, una forma de lepra. Describe varios tipos de aguas naturales apropiadas: aluminosas y ferruginosas.

1⟨…⟩ heliosis, dropacismus et lixiuii calidi perfusio et psychrolusia atque cataclysmus, hoc est aquarum e supernis illisio, natatio maritima et aquarum na⟨t⟩uralium et magis frigidarum, quae aluminis naturam exhalent, quas stypteri[a]z⟨us⟩as uocauerunt, siue ferrugineas, quas siderizusas appellant;

1[prescribe] sun-bathing, pitch plasters, a dousing with hot lye, cold baths, a shower bath, that is to say, a stream of water from above, and swimming in the sea or in mineral springs. Cold springs that give off vapors of alum (Greek styptērizusae) and chalybeate waters (Greek sidērizusae) are the best for this pur­pose.

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